If only

I was recently reading an article on snowflakes (my homepage is set to National Geographic because I can kind of be a science geek) and it sparked up a bit of crystal frenzy deep inside me.
Individual snowflakes are actually called snow crystals, and their formation, though much quicker and more climate sensitive, is not unlike the formation of other crystals. Unfortunately like many beautiful crystals, they're far too delicate to be worn, which got me thinking about the pletherra of enchanting crystals that are nearly impossible to make into anything wearable. Not that that will stop me from trying to figure a way around it.

Pictured: Mesolite, unknown, Carrolite, Humite, Beihlite all photos from InlovewithGeosciences.tumblr.com

All this looking at unconventional crystals has left me wanting to go shopping for some new supplies! Expect lots of new crystal work for this coming spring collection