Love is in the Air

And as I always say, the idea that V-Day is only for lovers is for suckers.
Take a note from these cuties!

Jealous? I am! That looks like a great hug.

So, I'm completely smitten. What started as an innocent experiment during some free time quickly grew into passionate love. It was love at first sight. I haven't named him yet (I'm considering Bonco), but I know I want him on me at all times, for a long time. And I hope to make more soon! Incase you're confused, I'm talking about this adorable little brass Brontosaurus I made at school the other day.

Inspired by something I doodled in a notebook, I sawed him out of some scrap brass on a whim, and as soon as I laid eyes on the finished piece, it was LOVE! In fact, I love him so much that I plan to do a million different things with this prototype. I'm currently in the process of casting it in silver, and also plan to saw out a few more from sheet metal. Ideally, I'd like to wear multiple Brotosaurus on pins, earrings, rings, I want them everywhere.