So yesterday was Family Day (FUN!) and surprisingly, I actually spent the day with family. I went with my parents to an antique sale they were going to, and in spite of having to wake up unnaturally early for a long weekend monday, I was very happy with the decision to tag along. Its not often that I find something so fabulous to look at that also proves a functional purpose but today was different. I found this amazing protractor and compass set, complete with replacement pieces and a velvet lined leather carrying case. I kind of couldn't be more excited about it. Not only is it a very useful set of tools for my trade, but there is also something so satisfying in using something that been around for so much longer than I have.

On top of that amazing find (which really would have been enough to keep me happy for weeks) I found three amazing new pairs of earrings. Well, actually my mom, who is a great shopping partner, found two of them, probably because she knows I'm always a sucker for big geometric hunks of metal. Since I actually don't have my ears pierced (a choice that has become even more shocking to people considering my choice of profession) most people assume that it must be difficult for me to find earrings but, as you can see, I do just find. Honestly, when it comes to vintage, I'm surprised when people find earrings that aren't clip ons.

Overall, it was a very successful day.