The Dolorous Jewelry Convertible Body Chain

Did you know that several styles of Dolorous Jewelry Body Chains can be worn in a wide variety of ways!? Versatility is always something I consider whenever designing new Dolorous pieces and when is comes to accessories I've always believed the more ways you can wear it, the better! Our signature style of convertible Body Chain all began with this piece, the Pandora Convertible Harness. I can honestly say this piece is one of my personal all time favourites and is a Body Chain that I wear all the time in all kinds of ways. I particularly like wearing it over loose oversized shirts and dresses, to synch in the waist, or peaking out from underneath some of my favourite outfits to add a little intrigue!

To help show people the amazing versatility of this piece I even commissioned this gorgeous illustration of a few of the many ways to wear it!

With every purchase of the Pandora Body Chain you actually receive this printed post card with your new body chain!

Since then I've introduced a number of other Dolorous Jewelry Harness style Body Chains that can be worn in a variety of ways! See the full collection in our online shop at

The Dolorous Jewelry Pandora Convertible Harness Body Chain

Available for purchasehere

The Dolorous Jewelry Lucia Copper Cord Convertible Harness Body Chain

Available for purchasehere