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S/S 12 Collection Launch Party

Photography by Andrew Johnson

Finally! Here are the pictures from the Dolorous S/S 12 Collection Launch party at Miracle Thieves in Toronto. The event was a huge success and most importantly, a total blast, but what else would you expect of an event full of crystals and bodychains, as well as an abundance of delicious treats provided by the very talent ladies of Emma's Country Kitchen

This is just a small selection of the photos from the evening, check out the entire album here
Back to basics
For several weeks now I've been busy designing and producing my S/S collection and its become obvious that this is destined to be my most feminine collection yet. Last night as I worked I sat surrounded by crystals and pretty pastels, fine chains and dangly earrings, and I suddenly felt compelled to mix it up with a little leather and brass. 

With each collection I try to include at least one or two unisex pieces, and in spite of all the sparkles I didn't want this collection to be any different. As I've mentioned before, my favourite accessories this year are chokers and bolos, so this season I switched things up with ultra-girlie bolos with crystals and bows, and more masculine and minimalist chokers. 

Both the choker and bracelet are made with a thin cord of faux-leather and three or four brass bolts which can actually be moved along the cord by screwing them side to side. The ability to move them around makes these both interactive organic pieces that you can personalize day by day, and the bolts are tight enough that they will stay stationary once placed. 

As someone who tends typically tends towards extravagance I take a lot of pleasure from designing visually simple but structurally complex pieces. I really love this set, as you may have guess from my rambling :)