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How to pack light and still look fabulous while traveling
Photo of Tienyln of  wearing the  Daliah Aquamarine Collar  while in Tuscany

Photo of Tienyln of wearing the Daliah Aquamarine Collar while in Tuscany

I’ve always had the travel bug. I would find every reason to go anywhere I could think of. I volunteered at a Turtle Conservatory in Costa Rica, I took a college credit abroad to spend a few weeks in Tuscany (its amazing I got any work done, it’s SO beautiful there) and, like many travel junkies, I back packed across Europe. Believe me when I say ‘Backpacked’ because that is the truth, I was gone for 6 weeks and only had what could fit in a backpack. Now, those who know me know that I’m not really the rustic outdoorsy type, and I certainly wasn’t going to travel to Paris and Italy without some outfits that would be appropriate for the dance-filled nights I was hoping for. One might ask how you can pack 6 weeks worth of clothes into a backpack and still manage to be stylish (as you should! It was pretty tricky and I’m still amazed I could manage it!), but there was one simple trick, JEWELRY! It's easy to pack and instantly steps up any outfit, the perfect solution! 

On that trip I really made my few outfits work hard for me, I’d tie scarves around my waist for belts, I’d wear beach skirts as party-ready mini dresses and I’d wear a long chain necklace in more ways than I can count! I’d tie it with a knot, wear it as a giant wrap bracelet, layer it into a choker, I’d even wear it around my waist! 

Years later when I started Dolorous I knew I wanted to make pieces of jewelry that could be that versatile. Jewelry that could be the one piece you could take away for any vacation and have you ready for wherever your travels may take you. And so, my convertible jewelry styles were born. Cut to present day: the collection now has over a dozen styles of jewelry that are designed to be able to be worn in a multitude of ways (without looking as makeshift as some of my teenage travel styles undoubtedly did). These styles make up many of my favourites because the concept holds such a special place in my heart. 

You may be wondering what brought on this bout of nostalgia. Well, today I’m packing for a two week trip to Italy and sorting through my many Dolorous styles to decide what to bring! Here are a few of my most versatile pieces that I’m considering for my trip.

Long Tassel Lariat 
This elegant, open style wrap necklace can be anything from a belt to a choker! That kind of versatility is just what I need to keep my suitcase light and my outfits on point!

Pandora Convertible Body Chain
The single most versatile Body Chain in the entire Dolorous collection, above are just a few ways you can style it! From necklace to Harness this piece effortlessly transitions from day to night!

Brass Rings Lariat
This sweet and simple lariat it ideal for everyday wear! I can pull it tight and long, wear it loose, or even have it hanging down my back for an evening look!

I'd love to hear your thoughts on which Dolorous pieces are ideal for travel, and even where you'd like to wear them! Reach out to me via email at or post it on Instgram and tag@dolorousjewellery for the chance to have your story shared in the next newsletter!

What to wear with your Body Chains

In my years running Dolorous there’s one statement I’ve heard more than any other: “I love the look of body chains, but have no idea what I’d wear them with!” to which I typically respond “Just about anything!” 

I design my body chains to be versatile, easy to wear and flattering on a wide variety of body types. They're adjustable, comfortable, and ready to be added to any of your favourite outfits! Sure, you can pair your body chains with evening gowns (I’ve been known to use mine to spice up the same Little Black Dress that I wear to every formal occasion), but, to be honest, my preferred pairing is to wear my body chains with jeans and a T-shirt! Layered over flowy sundresses comes in as a close second.  

To illustrate my point, here are a few of my current favourites from the Dolorous Body Chain selection and descriptions of the outfits I'd wear them with!


Luna Draped Choker Body Chain
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Luna Draped Choker Body Chain

This relaxed fit silhouette is perfect for wearing over a simple white T-Shirt and your favourite jeans. Since the focal point of this piece is higher up on the body it reads a lot like a necklace at first glance, making it easy for daytime wear. If you want to step it up for the evening just throw on a heel, maybe a red lip, and you're good to go!


Kayla Choker Body Harness
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Kayla Harness Body Chain

When I want to add a little structure to my favourite flowy summer dress I love a harness style Body Chain like Kayla here! It creates an accent at your waistline without the harsh line of a belt and instantly makes even the most feminine florals a little bit edgy.


Silver Infinity Body Chain

If subtlety is more in tune with your style, this sweet nothing of a body chain will be your new best friend. This sweet accessory is solid sterling silver which means you can just as easily wear it to dinner or for a dive in the ocean! The shape is ultra flattering and it looks lovely with tank tops, t-shirts, dresses or even to accent your favourite swimsuit! It may look simple but this versatile body chain is anything but!

I’d love to hear your thoughts on the best ways to wear body chains! Leave a comment below or reach out and let me know what you think!

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