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What to wear with a Body Chain Necklace: Summer Edition

I always get asked how to style Body Chains and what to wear them with, and you know what? They're way easier to wear than you think!

There are a pretty wide variety of Body Chains in the Dolorous collection, after all, the style was one of the foundations of the brand! Many of the styles of Body Chains I sell now are actually updated versions of ones I've been designing and selling since 2010! In my 8 years in the business the number one question I've been asked by customers is, without a doubt, 'What do I wear with my new body chain?' Well, here's the summer edition of my answer

Dolorous Jewelry Body Chain Styling what to wear with a bodychain.jpg

One of my favourite ways to wear my body chains in the summer is paired with sundresses, adding an unique and unexpected twist on a generally traditional look. With Choker style Body Chains or Harnesses you get the added bonus of them acting almost like a belt, and helping to add definition and emphasis to your waist, creating a super flattering silhouette, whatever your shape or size! 

The above shot from my SS18 lookbook is the perfect example, the Selia Choker Bodychain adds structure (and a little sexiness) to this super simple sundress. You could also layer the body chain underneath the dress, just peaking out at the top for a slightly more subtle look.

Dolorous Jewelry Shoulder Necklace how to wear a bodychain priestess style.jpg

The Broad Collar Shoulder Necklace style of Body Chain, like the Sophia Broad Collar Bodychain shown here, looks amazing when paired with strapless dresses and tops, or your favourite spaghetti strap outfits! The draping lines are somehow laid back while also being undeniably statement making! 

For those of you who only want to dip a toe into the body chain trend you may want to try an understated anklet like the Stella Anklet shown above! Lololol, sorry for the terrible pun but seriously, this anklet is just the accent your summer cutoffs have been waiting for!

Sam and Cailli Beckerman are wearing the Sophia Broad Collar Shoulder Necklace, the Astora Lariat Necklace and Astora Silver Hoop Earrings

Sam and Cailli Beckerman are wearing the Sophia Broad Collar Shoulder Necklace, the Astora Lariat Necklace and Astora Silver Hoop Earrings

But even with all those great styling options, the first thing I typically suggest when I get the inevitable question about what to wear with a body chain, is a T-Shirt! There's just something so cool about pairing statement jewelry with a laid back jeans and a T look, and body chains are no exception to the rule! Just take it from Cailli Beckerman of BeckermanBlog who looks red hot wearing her Sophia Broad Collar Body Chain with an amazing vintage Simpson's T shirt, jeans, sneakers and a flannel. I could not be more into this outfit. (I'm also totally here for Sam's camo and silver statement jewelry combo with new Dolorous earrings and necklace).

Obviously you can also wear body chains with a ton of other styles, these are just a few of my favourites for this season. Want to tell me your favourite things to wear with your body chains? I'd love to hear it! Send me your thoughts and suggestions at

What to wear with your Body Chains

In my years running Dolorous there’s one statement I’ve heard more than any other: “I love the look of body chains, but have no idea what I’d wear them with!” to which I typically respond “Just about anything!” 

I design my body chains to be versatile, easy to wear and flattering on a wide variety of body types. They're adjustable, comfortable, and ready to be added to any of your favourite outfits! Sure, you can pair your body chains with evening gowns (I’ve been known to use mine to spice up the same Little Black Dress that I wear to every formal occasion), but, to be honest, my preferred pairing is to wear my body chains with jeans and a T-shirt! Layered over flowy sundresses comes in as a close second.  

To illustrate my point, here are a few of my current favourites from the Dolorous Body Chain selection and descriptions of the outfits I'd wear them with!


Luna Draped Choker Body Chain
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Luna Draped Choker Body Chain

This relaxed fit silhouette is perfect for wearing over a simple white T-Shirt and your favourite jeans. Since the focal point of this piece is higher up on the body it reads a lot like a necklace at first glance, making it easy for daytime wear. If you want to step it up for the evening just throw on a heel, maybe a red lip, and you're good to go!


Kayla Choker Body Harness
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Kayla Harness Body Chain

When I want to add a little structure to my favourite flowy summer dress I love a harness style Body Chain like Kayla here! It creates an accent at your waistline without the harsh line of a belt and instantly makes even the most feminine florals a little bit edgy.


Silver Infinity Body Chain

If subtlety is more in tune with your style, this sweet nothing of a body chain will be your new best friend. This sweet accessory is solid sterling silver which means you can just as easily wear it to dinner or for a dive in the ocean! The shape is ultra flattering and it looks lovely with tank tops, t-shirts, dresses or even to accent your favourite swimsuit! It may look simple but this versatile body chain is anything but!

I’d love to hear your thoughts on the best ways to wear body chains! Leave a comment below or reach out and let me know what you think!

Dolorous at Re/Set Toronto Fashion Week SS17

We were so excited to have the opportunity to preview our new SS17 Collection at the first ever Re/Set Showcase at Toronto Fashion Week! This event was hosted by The Collections and featured 10 amazing Canadian brands. Here are a few pics from the event, including a special sneak peek at whats to come for SS17

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