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Slave to Fashion
I'm a 90s kid, through and through. The soundtrack to my life is Nirvana (and speckled with the Reality Bites soundtrack and spice girls), there is no shoe styles I like better than chunky platforms and tomboy boots and Grunge has been my personal style since about the age 9

So it was really only a matter of time before this infiltrated my designs and surprise surprise its manifested int he form of two of my favourite 90s trends chokers and moody hues. 
The Dolorous F/W 11 collection features several styles of chokers in leather and suede in several tones and a new design of Slave Bracelet which is adjustable and is made out of the most comfortable cotton cord in a variety of colors like Forest Green, Burgundy and a deep Blue Gray.

All about the Bolo

I've been very busy the past couple weeks working on the F/W 11 collection and I've come to realize something about myself. I'm totally bonkers for Bolo Ties. They're just so perfect! They effortlessly combine leather and metal, they can be super masculine or totally feminine, they can be fancy with gems or silly and casual, they pretty much embody everything I want in a piece of jewellery; something that can be everything at once!

As you may have assumed, there are going to be some bolo ties in my new collection, and frankly, you can expect quite a variety. This one is a one of a kind Bow bolo, made from a vintage brooch. If you love it don't despair, I recently purchased a set of similar brass bows and will be selling them in an edition of 12.