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Inside the studio and behind the scenes by SavannahTheBlog

 I was very lucky to recently have Sacha of Savannahtheblog my close friend and generally awesome and inspiring person in the Dolorous studio for a special behind the scenes photo shoot. Thanks to her here's an inside look at some of my workshop setup, some of my in office inspirations, and a few photos of me having a really great time with one of my very favourite people.


I was recently lucky enough to have my jewellery on the staggeringly beautiful Daria Werbowy for the the relaunch of Glow Magazine! Here are a few screen shots from the Behind-the-Scenes video shoot, featuring the Dolorous Triangled necklace and Slave Bracelet. Daria actually liked both pieces so much that she asked if she could keep them! Obviously I was happy to accomodate, who could say no to that face?

Check out the full video here and be sure to check out the upcoming issue of Glow Magazine for more pictures from the shoot!
Back to basics
For several weeks now I've been busy designing and producing my S/S collection and its become obvious that this is destined to be my most feminine collection yet. Last night as I worked I sat surrounded by crystals and pretty pastels, fine chains and dangly earrings, and I suddenly felt compelled to mix it up with a little leather and brass. 

With each collection I try to include at least one or two unisex pieces, and in spite of all the sparkles I didn't want this collection to be any different. As I've mentioned before, my favourite accessories this year are chokers and bolos, so this season I switched things up with ultra-girlie bolos with crystals and bows, and more masculine and minimalist chokers. 

Both the choker and bracelet are made with a thin cord of faux-leather and three or four brass bolts which can actually be moved along the cord by screwing them side to side. The ability to move them around makes these both interactive organic pieces that you can personalize day by day, and the bolts are tight enough that they will stay stationary once placed. 

As someone who tends typically tends towards extravagance I take a lot of pleasure from designing visually simple but structurally complex pieces. I really love this set, as you may have guess from my rambling :)

Slave to Fashion
I'm a 90s kid, through and through. The soundtrack to my life is Nirvana (and speckled with the Reality Bites soundtrack and spice girls), there is no shoe styles I like better than chunky platforms and tomboy boots and Grunge has been my personal style since about the age 9

So it was really only a matter of time before this infiltrated my designs and surprise surprise its manifested int he form of two of my favourite 90s trends chokers and moody hues. 
The Dolorous F/W 11 collection features several styles of chokers in leather and suede in several tones and a new design of Slave Bracelet which is adjustable and is made out of the most comfortable cotton cord in a variety of colors like Forest Green, Burgundy and a deep Blue Gray.