Danae Pyrite Tooth Lariat Necklace

Danae Pyrite Tooth Lariat Necklace


The Danae Pyrite Tooth Lariat Necklace is made from brass chain with a vintage brass ring and featuring a unique large Pyrite fang shaped pendant. This open style necklace is great everyday necklace and the mixed tones of the brass and silver colored Pyrite Crystal make this a perfect accessory for any outfit! This striking piece looks great with almost anything and can even be worn as an edgy addition to formal wear!

This piece is sent out gift wrapped in tissue and a hand-stamped muslin bag, or box, and can always be shipped as a gift to any location internationally. If you have any special requests feel free to message me, I'm always happy to oblige.

Due to the nature of the materials used, slight variances in color or marks of age may be present, or may develop with wear, on components of the jewellery. I choose my materials very deliberately and believe that some tarnish adds to the organic tone and feel of my pieces.

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