Brass Ring Handpiece

Brass Ring Handpiece


The Brass Ring Handpiece, is a modern and unique statement piece consisting of a connected chain ring and bracelet to create a striking style of jewelry that covers the hand. Made with brass chain connecting to a vintage brass ring and the centre, this piece is both comfortable and versatile and easy to wear. This unique handpiece also includes two inches of adjustable chain to customize the fit to your desired size. A great piece to wear on it own or layered with other rings and bracelets.

For those new to the handpiece style this piece is extremely easy to wear, just slide on the ring and do up the bracelet as you would any bracelet and the piece will sit along the back of your hand, staying put while you go about your day all while adding a intriguing flare to any outfit!

Each piece is sent out gift wrapped in tissue and a hand-stamped muslin bag and can always be shipped as a gift to any location internationally. If you have any special requests feel free to message me, I'm always happy to oblige. 

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