Chandelier Earrings are the trend you're about to see everywhere

With the holiday season right around the corner your calendar is probably filling up with parties that require a slightly more formal look. There’s no better way to step up your standard night-out look than by adding some scene stealing statement jewelry and this season the go-to accessory for the fashion crowd is a pair of bold chandelier earrings.

Just take it from WhoWhatWear who recently called them “a party on your earlobes” and stated that they’ll be the reigning trend of the holiday party season! Personally I couldn’t agree more and am already planning them into all my party looks.

Here’s a roundup of my favourite statement earring styles from the collection to help you get your earlobes party ready

The Inez Statement Earring has high impact without breaking the bank. These beauties pack a lot of punch for the low price of $65 and they’re ultra-lightweight and comfortable making them perfect for hitting the dance the floor. Also, who doesn’t love a glam gold look for the holiday season?

The Iris Jade Drop Earrings are a modern but timeless earring that instantly elevate any look. Nothing says elegance like a long drop earring, and the neutral tones make it easy to pair with almost anything!

For those of you looking to add a little color to your holiday look the Idra Multi Color Statement Earrings are just what you need. These fun unique earrings are a party in accessory form! Made with beautiful Agate Crystals and golden Brass these earrings are like a wearable piece of art.

Idra Multi Color Crystal Statement Earrings
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Into the trend but still want to look at some other styles? Head to the site and check out all the Dolorous earrings to find a pair that’s perfect for you!

How to care for and clean your jewelry

A few tricks to breath new life into your brass, silver, and gold jewelry!

Jewelry is such an intimate item, and wearing your favourite pieces day in and day out can add tarnish to even the most glittering gems. Here are a few tricks to put some shine back into your most dearly loved jewelry.

First rule, don't underestimate the power of a little soap and water! Warm water and grease cutting dish soap can go a long way to adding some luster back to your beloved jewels. My advice is to fill a small bowl with warm to hot water (this way you avoid the risk of losing something you love down the drain.) Add a few drops of dish soap. For rings and more solid pieces give them a gentle rub between your fingers, for more delicate pieces and fine chains let them soak for 10-15 minutes before rinsing them off and drying them. 

For more heavily tarnished pieces a little extra elbow grease may be needed and there are plenty of DIY solutions made with ingredients you have at home!

 DIY tricks to keeping your jewelry clean with common household products

DIY tricks to keeping your jewelry clean with common household products

The Baking Soda bath: mix 2 parts baking soda with one part warm water creating a thick paste. Then, drop in your tarnished jewelry and let it sit for 5-10 minutes. Then rinse off your jewelry and gently pat until it's completely dry. This method is very gentle meaning it's appropriate for any jewelry (other than pearls which are extremely delicate and porous and should only be gently patted with warm water on a soft cloth)

When cleaning Brass or Copper my personal favourite household remedy is a toothpaste bath! Mix 1 part toothpaste with 1 part warm water, submerge your tarnished jewelry and let it sit for 30min - 1hr. At this point you can rinse it thoroughly with warm water until clean, or for a more thorough polishing, give it a bit of a scrub with a gentle toothbrush. Even the trickiest to polish chains will look better after this refresher!

My favourite cleaner for tarnished silver is also the most unlikely. This tasty household condiment isn't just ideal for backyard BBQs, it's also highly effective at cleaning Sterling Silver. Have you guessed yet? It's Ketchup! You read that right, ketchup may just be the hardest working condiment in your fridge. To make your silver jewelry sparkle like new just fill a small bowl with ketchup and completely submerge your tarnished silver. Let it sit for 10-20. minutes depending on the amount of tarnish and then rinse your jewelry with warm water while rubbing the piece between your fingers (I recommend doing so over a bowl so you don't risk losing anything down the drain). If it needs a little extra work you can brush it very softly with a gentle brush however, be careful as rough abrasives will leave lines on your delicate silver. 

If all else fails then the best line of defence is jewelry polishing cloths. They are relatively inexpensive, can last a long time if used carefully, and are amazing at cleaning and polishing up any pure metal jewelry. These cloths are infused with professional grade polishing compound made to remove tarnish and add lustre with little effort. 

All Dolorous jewelry is made with solid Brass or Silver (with the exception of a small selection of Rose Gold Plated styles) and can be cleaned using the recommended methods listed above. Also, don't forget, beauty is in the eye of the beholder and sometime a little tarnish can add a unique beauty to some styles of jewelry. Theres no harm in a little tarnish if you like how it looks!

5 Best Jewelry Styles for Fall

Fall weather brings in bulky sweaters, scarves, turtlenecks, and generally just a lot more layers. While it's probably my favourite season outfit-wise, it always comes with a certain set of challenges when it comes to accessorizing. Here are a few quick tips to help your accessory game stay strong through the colder seasons.

This season, the statement earring still reigns supreme, but the well loved style has taken on a new shape! While hoops were all the rage for spring and summer, geometric shapes and long drops are what's hot now that the temperatures are cooling. Shoulder grazing styles are an excellent way to add elegance to any look but they make a particularly bold statement when paired with a structure blazer. They’ll also take your holiday party looks to a whole new level.

 Silver and Jade Shoulder Dusters are both modern and timeless. Shop the look  HERE

Silver and Jade Shoulder Dusters are both modern and timeless. Shop the look HERE

Turtlenecks are still a strong trend this season. They’re such a flattering item but as such a large blank canvas they can sometimes seem intimidating to accessorize, short necklaces and fine chains are out of the running, but a great pair of statement making earrings can keep the focus up around your face and make sure you don’t look buried under all that fabric!

 The  Idra Statement Earrings  are a great way to add a bit of brightness to your winter wardrobe

The Idra Statement Earrings are a great way to add a bit of brightness to your winter wardrobe

Pairing necklaces with knits tends to be a tricky affair, but long necklaces with heavier chains or more statement-making pendants are the perfect match for even the puffiest of sweaters. A long fine chain can also help to add a bit of delicacy to balance out your bulky knitwear and give your outfit a bit more complexity. This pairing also helps by creating an elongated line to balance out the inevitable width that sweaters can add.

 The Ryder can play double duty and be worn as a Lariat or even as a Chain Belt, one of the season’s hottest new trends! Shop it  HERE

The Ryder can play double duty and be worn as a Lariat or even as a Chain Belt, one of the season’s hottest new trends! Shop it HERE

Or, try something new and instead of wearing chains around your neck, drop them down around your waist and hop onto the newest trend, chain belts! This trend is sure to make an appearance at your upcoming holiday parties, its a great way to accent your waist without the hard cutting line of a belt. Not to mention, a fantastic way to dip a toe into the 70s boho trends that have been overtaking the runways.

When in doubt, the easiest winter friendly accessory is the bracelet. You never have to worry about it getting tangled up with you scarves or getting lost under all your layers but its still there to help you look polished and pulled together (even when you feel like a giant ball of yarn). Opt for heavier chains or chunky bangles so that they can still stand out and when paired with bulkier sweaters, a gemstone or large charm can go a long way.

 The Reyna Bracelet is sleek and minimal and ready to slip into any outfit. Shop the look  HERE

The Reyna Bracelet is sleek and minimal and ready to slip into any outfit. Shop the look HERE

Dolorous is popping up at INLAND

I'm very excited to announce that Dolorous will be popping up for another season at INLAND Market! September 21 & 22 at 134 Peter St in Toronto you can come find me to shop special details on my collection, as well as a ton of one of a kind jewelry made special for the event!

Come out to shop loads of ooak pieces and special prices for the event where I'l be selling alongside over 70 other Canadian designers! It's a great way to support local, small businesses and show your Canadian pride, all while snagging some new stylish pieces for your fall wardrobe! Did I mention that attendance is totally FREE!? I hope to see you there!

 Photo from INLAND Market 2017

Photo from INLAND Market 2017

Friday from 3-9pm and Saturday 11-7pm at 134 Peter St. in Toronto

Join the event HERE