You call THAT a desk?

Well, yes, in fact I do. Just as I call my unmade bed strewn with clothes my "office chair". My bedroom is the proud host of the Dolorous jewellery studio (in reality a great deal of work goes down on the floor at the foot of my bed). But what's a girl (who is both a student and an aspiring entrepreneur) to do? It may not be much but it does the job.
Why, when I have about one square foot of space to work on would I clutter it with a plate of my beloved jewellery and a lizard amongst other curiosities? Well, maybe they're each a valuable aspect of my creative process
Then again maybe I'm just becoming more like my mother

post scriptum. That brooch is from the 1800s and the yarn inside was my grandmother's. Unfortunately, she doesn't remember why she put it there, but we can only assume that the design gene has been passed down in my family for generations. At least thats how it would seem from my immediate family