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Here's to You

Happy New Year everyone!

After a long food and family filled holiday season I'm ready to sit down and get to work. My new years resolution consists of a colourful and sparkly S/S collection and hopefully some new exciting stockists as well as several other new business ventures that I'll be keeping hush hush for now ;)

Also, keep an eye out for my new Ad and upcoming write-up on
Girls Girls Girls

Madame Alix Gres 1939

So I recently bought a large batch of new supplies! YAY! Part of looking forward to spring for me is considering new additions to the line, and I've decided that some new supplies are just what I need to get my creative juices flowing. With this on my mind, I've also spent a lot of time considering my different inspirations and the one thing that it always comes back to is the female figure. Its so important to me to make a piece of jewelry that wears and moves well, as well as looking fantastic, and a big part of making a piece of jewelry hug the body well is considering the body its supposed to be hugging. The female form, in every shape and size, is something to be appreciated. One of the most rewarding things about making jewelry is seeing someone wearing one of my pieces and making it all their own, cohesive with their unique style. When designing I like to keep conscious of all types of shapes and styles by frequently leafing through my every growing collection of what can only be deemed 'girly pics'. Here are a few for your viewing pleasure.